Why Are Benches In Kindy Class Smaller In Size

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Three years ago, i hired 2 software developers in my team. They both migrated from Singapore on same day to Sydney, with some savings, with one husband and one kid. So, their family profiles were same. Let us call them Geeta and Babita (real identities hidden due to hangover and security reasons). After some time, I changed jobs and we lost touch with other. Yesterday, I catched up with both at lunch time. Geeta upon migration, used her savings and bought a unit in blacktown because that was what she could afford in 2016. In 2018, they became more stable and bought a house in baulkham hills, it was slightly costly and was taking most of their salary.
So they took additional loan and put a granny flat in backyard at the start of 2019.
There granny flat is rented for 450 per week, cost price was 120k.
So she looked very relaxed, ordered a masala dosa and was gladly telling her story that how they are able to manage their finances quite well. There blacktown unit is now converted into investment and rented for 440 per week.
There baulkham hills house is in right location and family living in their new granny flat is helping them with rental of 450 per week. She started eating her masala dosa. Babita who migrated on same day in 2016, was also very smart, had better jobs now than Geeta. Had overanalysed situations and reads google a lot, had been waiting for the crash all these years and have neither bought own house nor any investment. She said that every day her and her husband argue whether to buy a house in ponds or to buy a unit in artarmon or buy something affordable in westmead. They r not able to reach any conclusion. She ordered her cholle bhatura plate and told that how vague they both have become. They have analysed things out of proportion and have not been able to decide anything in past 3 years. She is living in pymble, paying 600 per week and contributing to pay someone’s mortgage. She started eating her cholle bhature plate. I ordered my smoothie (as I am on strict diet) and thoughts started coming in my brain. I was not able to talk on same wavelength with both. Babita was sitting on the fence and Geeta wanted to know which areas she should next invest in or what she should do next in life. Now coming back to the title of my story. U enrol ur kid in kindy, how many years do u expect ur child to spend in kindy.

Couple with reasonable IQ will say “not more than 1 year”. You want ur child to finish kindy and move on to year 1 and then progress normally every year. That is the reason why the “benches in kindy are of small size” because the school expects and wants them to move quickly from kindy to year 1 in one-year time. They don’t expect bigger kids to study in kindy. Same applies to the case of Geeta and Babita, Geeta quickly graduated from kindy and moved on while Babita is still in kindy and has spent 3 years in kindy and is still in kindy. So the moral of the story is “who is the president of usa”. Sorry the moral of the story is buy, negotiate, whatever u can buy comfortably in ur current situation and don’t spend too much time in kindy.

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