Where Can We Buy House For Less Than 750K

Where can we buy house for less than 750K

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These days the burning question that everyone is asking each other is “Where can we buy house for less than 750K in Sydney?”

I did some research based upon the facts and data on real estate websites and collected list of areas:

Let’s start with the high-level design (Please excuse me for my IT type language)

If we look at distance from Leppington to Wynyard, it is approx. 50 kms and similarly if we look at distance from Schofields to Wynyard, it is approx. 50 kms. Hence, they are approximately equal distance apart from Wynyard. This is something that Wynyard couples (couples who both at Wynyard and have to travel from home to work every day) may consider.

Let’s dig into low level design (again an IT term)

North west line

Let’s look at the map below:

The suburbs marked in red are the suburbs of discussion.

  • Schofields

Parts of Schofields suburb still come under 750K, there are also options of townhouses in it. The block size will be smaller. It has existing Schofields station and the new metro tallawong station in the vicinity.

  • Riverstone

Riverstone is the next suburb by train line. You may be able to find some house and land options under 750K.

  • Marsden Park

Marsden park is the next suburb that comes to mind, it does not have train station, but I have heard that people park at Schofields and blacktown to take train. Stocklands elara is a prominent release in the area, though there are others as well.

  • Colebee

Colebee is another suburb on this map, it has an existing golf course and there are few house and land packages in this suburb.

  • Box hill

Box hill has gables land release and there are a few other estates in the suburb.

South west line

Lets now look at the other side

The main suburbs in this area are:

  • Leppington

Leppington is an existing train line station. There is stocklands willowdale estate, there are a few other estates also.

  • Edmondson park/Bardia

These are other suburbs in the area. Edmondson park is an existing train station.

  • Austral

Austral is another suburb to the north of Leppington.

  • The suburbs on the left are Catherine field/Oran park/Cobbitty
  • The suburbs on the right are Gledswood hills/Gregory hills/Spring farm

This article may give you a starting point and you can do your own due diligence to do further analysis.

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