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Connect to Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker will connect you, the homeowner or home buyers, with the best available mortgage rates possible. The mortgage broker reviews the financial information and documentation that are important for the process of buying a home.

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Connect to Solicitor/Conveyancer

Conveyancing is a legal process of property transfer from one house owner to another. A conveyance usually begins when you enter into a contract and continue throughout the time span of the contract.

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Real estate Professional to Buy Land

Being able to successfully invest in ‘the’ property does demand help and expertise of professionals who can work closely with you. Often known as ‘agents’, these professionals are local to the area and know details you can utilise when buying land, home or any other property space.

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Connect to Real Estate
Professional to Buy Home and Land

Real estate deals with real property that can be land and structural improvements that have been made upon it. These structural improvements include buildings, fixtures, roads, structures, and other utility systems. Many people prefer investing in property or land because of the value it may return over a period of time. In case of property, it gives the owner the right to title for the land, developments as well as natural resources.

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Connect to Real Estate
Professional to Buy Property

Property purchase is a huge deal for anyone and the real estate agent is a crucial part of this deal. While finding a real estate professional for your home buying process is not really a challenge, the real estate scenario is rampant with heaps of misinformation and misconceptions. As such, it is vital for you to connect with a good real estate professional who can make your property purchase a smooth sail.


Connect to Real Estate
Professional to Rent Your Property

A real estate rental broker acts as a mediator for landlords. property owners, future renters and property management companies. These professionals are often looked upon when it comes to connecting future renters to property owners to occupy the living space. The process of finding the right occupant for a living space is usually a cost-effective service that yields undeniable benefits.

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Connect to Builder

When looking to build a new home or deciding to renovate the existing home, it is crucial to get in touch with licensed professionals who can turn your ideas into practical reality. When connecting with a builder, it is essential to be open about ideas. With a licensed builder, the process of building a house from scratch or renovating becomes easier considering they bring years of experience to your rescue.


Connect to Depreciation
Schedule Professional

Depreciation schedules usually serve as the blueprint to an asset’s depreciation expenses. In the meantime, depreciation can be understood as a reduction in the worth of an asset over a period of time particularly through wearing and tearing (as a result of regular use). A depreciation schedule is often put in place by businesses to create an outline of how an asset’s prices are expensed over a period of time when the asset is regarded as ‘worthy/useful’.


Connect to Accountant

The market today is full of accounting software that you may just want to download and use. While the software can help you chart all your everyday business proceedings, an accountant will be able to gauge available information from a financial and growth perspective, and craft solid and futuristic financial advice that supports your business’ growth.


Connect to Building and
Pest Inspection Professional

When you take a new home, it is natural to expect a building that is free from any form of damage and pest infestations. However, it is a rather common occurrence to come across various issues in the building after the purchase of the property is made. The downside to this is the fact that dealing with any of these 'issues' can be a costly affair. For instance, structural damage that had initially gone unseen to damage to wood by termites may lead to entire replacements and thus, heavy costs.

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Connect to New Home
Inspection Company

Buying a new home is one of the most important decisions in life. A lot of investment, in terms of both finances and time, is devoted to getting this new home. Running into any unexpected problems would be nothing short of a major disappointment for anyone. As such, it is crucial that you connect with a new home inspection company that thoroughly inspects the home and gives a detailed report of all issues that are present in it.

Property Buyers Australia is a very active group of property enthusiasts. We are a highly collaborative group. It is a platform to bring buyers and licensed independent property professionals (for example mortgage brokers, conveyancers and licensed real estate people) closer to each other in a highly engaging manner.

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