Trip to north side of Sydney. Newcastle/hunter valley/central coast

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Trip to north side of Sydney. Newcastle/hunter valley/central coast

Went for an early morning drive to areas Newcastle/hunter valley/central coast.

Let us put it all the major areas into a picture, as a picture is worth thousand words.

Some of the practical takeaways are the following (again personal opinion only, one has to do their own due diligence): –

  • There are lot of old houses in the region.
  • There are a few new estates.
  • Imagine a tenant, would they like to live in a new house or an old 100-year-old house.
  • New houses are in the range of 500 to 600K (may be more depends upon the suburb).
  • There are a few dual key homes as well, which have two tenancies in it. Only few are allowed in an estate. They are roughly 600 to 800K (depends upon the suburb) and the rentals start from 750 per week (375*2).
  • One may pick up a small development site also in the area, for example DA approved to build 3 to 4 townhouses. Again, it depends on the experience of the person doing it and the complexity of the site.
  • As Sydney is becoming unaffordable, trend may start for these regions.
  • As COVID-19 has changed a few equations due to work from home and few of us, particularly in IT, may never go to office to work and may permanently work from home. This may increase demand for such areas.
  • People who prefer lifestyle, closer to beach, may prefer to live in these areas, rather than western part of Sydney (read Schofields).
  • As the highways, roads upgrade more in near future, it may make sense to commute from these areas to Sydney CBD. I have a few colleagues who already do it actually.
  • Visiting any of the above areas, it didn’t look like they are waiting for any buyers. Everywhere construction was in full swing for new houses. I was almost bitten by a guard dog in ‘under construction’ property. I was told by the tradie, that if the dog is running towards you and starts to wag the tail, that means they are friendly and wont bite, and I don’t need to run at 100 km/hr. There is no way you can outrun a dog. It was a lesson learnt. I don’t know how many of such scary lessons are still left to be learnt from god.
  • Everywhere there was hustle and bustle.
  • If you ever go to this route, pls try the healthy lunch options at Oliver’s. It is midway on the highway, where Mc Donald’s is, you cannot miss it.

One point to notice was that the M1 highway was very comfortable.

Lot of information about the govt upgrades on M1 route is on the NSW transport website

Even Newcastle airport went through an upgrade and have many upgrades planned as well……

All the major suburbs/hubs have been marked on the map above.

Being a technical person in IT, I always want to deep dive and do thorough analysis of the area. Some of the starting points are….

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