Tips and tricks for giving interview on zoom call

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Tips and tricks for giving interview on zoom call.

  1. Dress nicely – This trick still prevails in lockdown. As we all have become lazy with the clothes that we wear during the lockdown, this is still the number 1 trick. Interviewer is taking an interview to judge and evaluate you in a very short span of time which is usually 30 mins to 60 mins. If you are wearing a casual t shirt in the interview, it shows that you are not serious about the interview, and you are not serious about their business. No need to overdo it, just wearing a nicely ironed white shirt will do.
  2. Login and be ready 5 mins before the call – Find a quiet spot in the house/apartment and setup the laptop. Preferably do it inside a room so that there are less distractions. In case the interview is at 2pm, be ready by 1:55pm and get into that zone. In these 5 mins, thank god for everything that god has given to you. Ask god to come and be present with you during the interview. This will magically take all the stress away from you as you will feel that you are not alone anymore. This interview is anyways not the end of the world and there will be better opportunities always.
  3. Connect to the mobile phone wifi hotspot instead of home wifi route – During the span of 60 mins, home wifi may not be stable as spouse and kids may be using it for their work/home schooling. Best is to enable hotspot on your mobile and connect to it for uninterrupted internet for next 60 mins.
  4. Smile as soon as the interview begins – As soon as the video starts, smile and greet the interviewer. This has immense magical effects. During the lockdown, when was the last time the interviewer had someone smiling at them. Smile generates chemicals in the brain of the other person and makes the whole environment positive. The interviewer sees someone who is calm, composed and smiling at them, it relaxes the brain of everyone and gives a good positive start.
  5. Connect the power cable to the laptop – I have seen that if I connect the power cable to the laptop, my video is more brighter and better, hence it is good to connect the laptop to the power cable for better video quality.
  6. Check the brightness in the room – Before the interview, open the zoom settings and then go to video and check the quality of the video. May be you will have to switch on the light, open the blinds of the window. Do that all before the interview and see that there is enough brightness in the room.
  7. Check the temperature of the room – Before the interview, check the temperature of the room. May be you are wearing white shirt and shorts. During the interview, it is possible that you will feel cold due to it. You may want to switch on the AC to slight heat so that it is constant warm temperature throughout.
  8. Tell your spouse/partner about the timings of the interview – Inform your spouse about the interview time. This will help them to keep kids under control, reduce the noise and check the entrance, in case someone rings the door bell for the delivery.
  9. Don’t drink water while in the interview – This again goes back to the point that the interviewer has very less time to judge/evaluate you. Drink water before the interview and not during the interview. Drinking water during the interview may be taken as a sign of nervousness by the interviewer.
  10. Crack a joke – Lockdown has been very hard for everyone. Look for an opportunity to connect with the interviewer and crack a joke and make them laugh and smile. It again generates positivity in the whole environment. In the end, always thank all the interviews for there time and giving you this opportunity.

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