Things To Consider While Buying A House With Swimming Pool

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Ramesh is looking at buying a house which has a swimming pool in it. He wonders what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a swimming pool. He rings Suresh as Suresh is working from home on that day.
Here is Suresh’s reply about it:-

  1. Check whether the swimming pool is a chlorine pool or salt water pool. It is easy to check yourself as salt water pools have a chlorinator device attached to it near the sand filter.
  2. You can ask the agent to show u where the sand filter and then you can check whether the chlorinator device is there or not.
  3. Chlorinator device converts salt to chlorine.
  4. Hence in a salt water pool, you need to put salt bags instead of chlorine and it is cheaper to maintain the pool as salt is cheaper than chlorine.
  5. Water is never taken out of the pool and the water just recycles.
  6. Pools have a water pump and you need to switch it on for atleast 4 hours everyday so that water can recycle. Hence keep in mind the cost of electricity to run the water pup everyday.
  7. You will need a good pool cleaner device which you have to always put it inside the pool so that the hydralics action can always keep the pool when the water pump is run.
  8. You will need a water testing device which can tell you what all chemicals are running low in the pool.
  9. Chemicals are acid, ph stabiliser, sun screen balancer. You will need them once a month.
  10. Keep some money to change the plastic baskets as they get damaged every few years, They are cheap.
  11. You can get all these from bunnings also.
  12. Other good shop is pool warehouse. The suburb swimming supply shops are slowly becoming unpopular and have to compete on price.
  13. Pools are really useful only for 3 months in summers as in other seasons the water is really cool.
  14. You can invest in getting a pool hot water system.
  15. You may employ someone like a pool guy to check and keep it maintained once a month.
  16. You may want to put good lighting inside and outside the pool.
  17. Consider the trees and leafs that can fall in into the pool.
  18. You will need a good rod and leaf collecting device to take the leafs out of the pool.
  19. You may have to keep some time aside every week to spend time and maintain the pool.
  20. You may have to consider fencing requirements from the council and you have to comply to legal requirements otherwise there will be fines.
  21. Consider the safety of yourself, your kids, your family and the safety of your guests as it may be your legal responsibility to keep them safe while they stay or visit you.
  22. You may have to consider putting locks on the pool fence so that it is safe for everyone and only responsible people get access to it.
  23. Consult your wife and so as per her directions.

Ramesh Thanks Suresh for all this information and to update his knowledge as there is so many things to consider for buying a house with a pool.

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