Things To Consider After Handover Of The New House

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Things to consider doing after handover of the new house.

Most of the people buy house and land packages or buy land and get house build on it.
The expectation is that the house is ready to live after handover, that is not always the case.
Below is the checklist to consider for the work required after handover:-

– Driveway, it is not always included in the contract, hence you may have to get it done after the handover.
It can be done as a brick driveway, concrete coloured driveway or stencil concrete driveway.

– Landscaping, it is not always included in the contract, the reason is different people have different expecations
from landscaping work. So it is best left to be done by the customer himself.
It is a huge topic in itself, which i will cover in my next post.
Summary is that landscaping needs making the land reasonable so that top soil can be put on it.
Grass which comes in various prices also goes on top of it.
Letterbox, house number sign, few white pebbles and dark mulch and few plants.
Pavers can also be used in some places.

– Sideways, when constructing a house, consider about the two sides of the house.
Whether u will get concrete done on them(which should be done alongwith driveway to save cost)
or u want pebbles or pavers there. Cost will come out to be pretty much same.

– Steps to porch, steps to outside of laundry, steps from garage to inside the house.
Who will put it?

– Tiles to steps of porch, tiles on steps of outside of laundry, tiles on garage to inside the house.
Where will u buy tiles from and who will do it?

– Retaining wall to front of back of the house.
If the house is below or above ground level, there is risk of water going inside or water coming outside from the house when it rains.
So u may have to consider putting retaining walls.
Who will put it? How will u find tradie to put it?

– Clothesline, you will have to measure and find a handyman to put the clothes line.

– Downlights, some people get downlights on there own after the handover, to the areas which has access to roof.
For example single storey house or first floor of double storey house.

– TV Antenna.

– Fancy lights to outside of the house.

– Sensor lights to the sides and back of the house.

– Door bell or video intercom.

– Shelves in cupboard.

– Making fixed study table in study area.

– Blinds to the house.

– Fencing, this is a topic in itself.
But u have to see whether timber or colorbond.
Also u have to make good relations with your 3 neighbours as they have to pay half of the cost.

– Flyscreens to windows and doors.

– Any irrigation requirements in the backside so that rain water can flow smoothly from backyard to front storm water connection.

– Security door to the front.

– Alarm or security camera systems.

– Epoxy flooring to the garage.

– Outside kitchen. Outside gas point has to be there to make it possible.

– Additional tv points.

– Light coverings to all inside battern light holders.

– Tiles to outside alfresco area.

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