Take Control Of The Situation

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This story is based on real life events.
Today morning, Ramesh and Suresh bumped into each other at the Bella vista metro station.
Today was the first day of the metro train journey.
They both work at chatswood so both were equally excited.
After a while, Ramesh became tense. Suresh can see that Ramesh is visibally disturbed.
He tries to cheer him up. He says that he will pay for the 7-11 coffee at chatswood station and
asks Ramesh to tell him why he is so disturbed.
Ramesh gets a little comfortable with the coffee offer and starts to open up his mind.
Ramesh says that all his plans have turned upside down. He hoped for 40% crash and that did not happen.
He is excited about the metro station opening up but he is equally jealous of Suresh who owns a home near bella vista station.
Ramesh thinks that he has now missed the boat and will never be able to buy a property in sydney. Ramesh starts crying after that.
Suresh tries to calm him down.
The following is Suresh’s reply……

  1. Never forget that you are living in sydney, it is tier 1 city of the world.
  2. It is expensive, it is expected to be expensive and you chose to come and live here with your family.
  3. If someone tells you that on a long term basis, tier 1 city will go down by 40%, pls stay away from such person.
  4. If you want to see some of the examples in the world, go and visit san fransisco, new york, honk kong, bombay and tokyo to see what
    a tier 1 world city means and where people never think about recession and people just keep moving forward it life.
  5. In a tier 1 city, you don’t hope but you take control of the situation.
  6. You dont hope that your salary will increase by 2% every year.
    You spend time to increase your skill set so that you can change jobs every 2 year and give yourself atleast 15% raise.
  7. In tier 1 city, you go to your manager and ask him and setup a career plan with him. Ask your manager to invest in you,
    invest in your skills, invest in learning, invest in trainings.
  8. In fact setup friday for just learning new skills. I have a few people in my team, I have asked them to book meeting room for all fridays,
    where the only purpose is to get online trainings and upskill yourself.
  9. You are in tier 1, try to find another job or alternative income streams for the weekend.
    Many people here work on 2 jobs. Find an alternative income source during the weekend.
  10. You are in tier 1 city, help your spouse or partner to get a job. Help them and support them in the household work
    so that they can get full time, part time or weekend job.
  11. Help each other in the community and outside the community so that we all can happily live in this tier 1 city
    otherwise we will soon have to leave it and we will be replaced by a more skilled and progressive set of people.

Ramesh stops crying and he was amazed that there is so much that he can do in life instead of just hoping that someone else will fix all his problems.
He promises to take control of the situation in his own hands and is determined to buy a house and live a healthy wealthy and normal balanced life

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