Some statistics to show what may happen in 2021 in property market

Disclaimer: – Articles in this blog are just personal opinion of the author or authors.
It may or may not be correct. Pls do your own due diligence and pls seek professional advice according to your own personal circumstances. The author or authors cannot be held responsible/liable for any contents in this blog.

The below are just some statistics collected from various websites. The indicators looks positive and may show upward/normal trends for 2021. We leave further interpretation to the readers.

  • Residential real estate is 7.1 trillion market in Australia (in comparison to Australian stocks 2.0 trillion)

  • Corelogic monthly movement in prices looks normal and upwards

A 5% rise in 2021 in Sydney, will mean an additional 40K to 50K added to the average price (Google “what is the average price of house in Sydney”)

  • Historically low interest rates

  • Loans subject to repayment deferrals are slowly starting to go towards normal

  • Unemployment rate graph is slowly starting to go towards normal, it did not go to double digits.

  • Households have saved almost $119 billion over the past year

  • Increase in New home loans and refinance loans

  • First home buyers are back, pls check the graphs at the middle/bottom of the page

  • Comparison of the Covid-19 downturn with the previous historic downturns

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