Pros And Cons Of Single Storey Or Double Storey Homes

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Pros and cons of single storey or double storey homes….
Double storey homes
– More space.
– Might attract more tenants in future.
– Can provide space for enough bedrooms, living areas, outdoor rooms,studies and storage for a family.
– By building double storey you are maximising your investment’s, rather than chewing off
space from the outskirts of your land, which means that larger front gardens or back yards.
– It is easier to create privacy in a double-storey home rather than a single as you can have all bedrooms
located on one level and the living areas located on the other, or alternatively have the bedrooms be more spread out across the home.
– In case of investment property, you have the advantage of being
able to charge significantly more rent, increasing your weekly and monthly yield.
– With all the space which a double storey home provides, comes more areas to clean, both internally and externally.
– Time and energy they will need to spend maintaining the home particularly of hard-to-reach areas such as top-storey gutters and windows.
– More time required by a builder to build a double storey home.(around 12 months)
– If you are investing and building a two-storey home you are narrowing down your future target market to groups
and families. Often single people, childless couples and elderly people do not require two-storey homes
and as such are unlikely to show interest in renting your property.
– Around 100k more costly to build a double storey home compared to a single storey home.

Single-storey homes
– Less time required to build a single storey(around 6 months)
– Around 100k cheaper than double storey home.
– For young children and elderly family members, stairs can be dangerous may even eventually
become a burden for older residents
– Smaller space may also work to encourage families to spend more time together, rather than in separate upstairs and
downstairs zones and as such, does not rule families out altogether.
– Single-storey homes don’t have nearly as much space as double-storeys have to
offer, which is most likely to impact growing families who may be after a larger home.

As you can see, there are many positive and negative features to both one and two storey homes,
which all should be carefully considered before you make your final decision.

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