My Visit To Bendigo

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Influenced by the article by property analyst Terry Ryder about Bendigo ( ), I decided to take the flight to melbourne and book a rental car and drive down to Bendigo.

While driving, which was roughly 1.5 hour drive, my thoughts were that it would be a regional area with village atmosphere, sheeps everywhere, no one to talk to, there will be no place to eat or drink. This thought and perception made me uncomfortable as I boarded the first flight in the morning from sydney without breakfast. It was about lunch time at that time and my perceptions were getting dark. I was hungry as hell.

Finally after a smooth ride, I reached Kangaroo flat which was 6 kms away from bendigo. I was amazed to see harvey norman and all the other big shopping outlets that started to appear. After Kangaroo flat, next big suburb was golden square which was about 3 kms away. It was all populated and happening place.

Finally I reached Bendigo and it was just like any other city. It had all the shopping outlets, bendigo hospital, bendigo bank, TAFE, university. IT also had all the eating and drinking outlets.

  2. Bendigo is being trumpeted as Australia’s No. “growth star”
  3. Under the new Immigration Plan to decongest Melbourne and Sydney , new Applicants will be offered Regional Visas.
  4. Proximity and Connectivity to Melbourne … 95 mins from Bendigo.. over 25 peak hour services to Melbourne
  5. Victorian Government large scale investment in Infrastructure projects . New Train Stations, TAFE , Government Hubs, Hospital Upgrades etc
  6. Lowest Affordable house and land Packages
  7. High rental Yield.
  8. Low Rental Vacancy 0.8 % and 0.9 % in Bendigo respectively. to put in perspective
  9. Bendigo has abundant employment opportunities in the Health , Age Care and Education sector.
    Master planned estates with easy access to Education , Shopping , Transport , Hospital , Sporting and University
  10. Looks like there were reputed builders building in and around bendigo.

It was raining that day, so I didnt click much pictures. But following are some of the pics that I managed to click.

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