Joys Of Buying A Corner House

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  1. Corner house is the one which does not have immediate neighbour on one first of the house.
  2. Therefore, it is open from 2 sides instead of 1 side.
  3. It offers more natural lights, sunlight and fresh air to come into the house, since it is more open than the normal house.
  4. Since it has one extra side, so you must do more lawn mowing on one extra side. Even if you outsource it to a lawn mowing company, they will charge extra 20 dollars to mow the extra lawn.
  5. There may be more plants, trees and hedges to maintain on that one extra side.
  6. There is no one to share the fence cost on that cost, other 2 sides are shared with the neighbour, so they pay half the fence cost. That adds extra 1000 dollars to the cost of the house.
  7. Having said that there is more freedom for you, you can choose the colour of the fence on that extra side, you can even paint the colour you want. From experience we know that it may take ages of two people to agree on one simple thing, so this way you can do whatever you want since you are not sharing fence with anyone.
  8. You don’t have tension if you are building single storey house. The major stress is that if you build single storey and both your neighbour builds double storey, then you get deprived light and air and value of your property is not that great. But in corner lot, you don’t have such stress, since there is no one on one side.
  9. Your solar power may become more efficient since you don’t have anyone on one side.
  10. Since you have 2 street access, so if you plan to build granny flat in future, you may get the privilege to have separate street access to the granny flat tenant.
  11. If the lot size is large enough, you may get permission (subject to STCA) to subdivide and have separate street access and construct and sell the house on the back independently.
  12. Since there is street access on one side, there may be building restrictions on the lot, such that you have to leave 3m or less or more from one side of the house and then only you can construct, which leaves less room for you to construct.
  13. Since it is corner lot, people may park their cars on that one side and ruin your grass, there is nothing you can do for it.
  14. People who don’t have grass in their house or who live in apartments, will not appreciate how costly is grass and its maintenance, so they will park cars on the grass.
  15.  People may leave empty bottles, rubbish, garbage on the empty side of the house.
  16. There may be security hazards, since it is open from one side, it is easy to jump the fence and come inside the house.
  17. There may be hit chances, since vehicles may not slow down at corners, so you have a hazard of getting hit by a car at the front of your house.
  18. There may be privacy concerns, since if the fence height is not enough, people may peep into the house.
  19. You can put a sufficiently big gate at one corner and that may allow big car, truck or trailer, caravan to park inside the house, which may be good for resale perspective.
  20. You may see that the corner lot is generally priced 5K less than other lots in a land release.

All in all, these are just points, but just do as your wife says!!!!!!!!

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