Health is wealth

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Most of us are nearing age 40. It is very important to take care of your health.

Most of us are working from home due to Covid lockdown, it is even more important.

Consider your body as a pond of water, if you don’t move, don’t do little bit of exercise, the blood within will stop to move, leading to cholesterol, blood pressure, numbness, poor bones, clotting.

If you don’t do anything then 1 raise to the power 100 = 1

But if u do little bit of exercise, then 1.01 raise to the power 100 = 2.7

Little bit of exercise for example moving frequently, doing 10000 steps, Walk, run, easy exercise at home daily, doing 10 min exercise by watching videos on youtube, doing yoga for 10 min.

In next 20 years, when we will reach age 60, the two things we will regret are not having good health and not having enough recurring income.

I recommend the following video (as it is extremely professionally done and the whole family can do it) if you want to start today and do easy exercises and give priority to your health on daily basis. Today my aim is motivate just 1 person who can start it on regular basis(Pls do your own due diligence before doing the exercises). Also eating a balanced diet alongwith exercise helps a lot.

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