Getting Rid Of The Rat Race

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Looking at the recent conversation between friends on Facebook which says “There is too much household work to be done in Australia. All the weekend is gone is household chores like vacuum, cleaning, mowing, cleaning utensils, washing clothes, ironing, etc etc”

Based upon my living in Australia for the past 13 years, I have collected the following points: –

  1. One of the obvious things that come to mind is that every couple should share the work and do their duties by sharing it.
  2. One of the less obvious things that come to mind is that why not outsource all the work to someone else. There are businesses out there who can do the fortnightly cleaning, cooking, ironing, mowing, washing etc.
  3. What will you do then? Won’t that cost money? Are you out of your mind? Do you need medical attention?
  4. The time that you save by doing above, you can spend to upskill yourself, do that course you always wanted to do, do that certification, start something on the side, network with right type of people.
  5. If you do the cost benefit analysis, outsourcing can add another 20k to 40k to your family income due to upskilling. The cost is much much less than it.
  6. You can also spend that time with your kids, family, plan an outing.
  7. You can spend that time to sit with your accountant and other professionals on how to legally save on your taxes.
  8. You can spend that time to look at how to invest in properties and other type of investments.
  9. You can spend that time to help your spouse start work again or upskill themselves in a different field.
  10. You can together start some home based (legal) business and become busy in it. That will free u up to spend quality time together instead of doing the same mundane work and being caught up in the rat race forever.

Please give it a thought!!!!!!!!!!!!

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