Don’t Lose Track Of The Bigger Picture

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Had an interesting incident on the weekend. I was in woolworths stanhope gardens and husband and wife were standing nearby and argueing that whether they should buy tomatos from woolworths for 6 aud or from parklea market for 4 aud. Husband was saying why to go to parklea as it will be too much of hassle to go and buy. Wife was insisting on going to parlea and buying and saving 2 aud. I approached them and started engaging conversation with them. They said they both work in IT and earn decent amount. I said u must be paying around 60k in taxes combined. U have put so much thought in saving 2 aud on tomatos, so what r u doing to save or reduce 60k. They were feeling a bit embarrased about the fact that they r not doing anything. Just a food for thought for everyone else to take care of the bigger picture also.

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