Different Types Of Dwelling

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Different types of dwelling

Unit vs Appartment vs villa vs townhouse vs duplex vs community titled vs battleaxe vs house

Older types of appartments are called units. They are usually low rise and 5 to 10 in a complex only.
Again units come with strata that you have to pay every quarter.
Depending upon the age of the unit, there may be maintenance that needs to be done and strata may be occassionally high at times.
Strata payments go up or down depending upon work required to be done.
Older units are usually double brick construction.

Pros: Older units are generally double brick in construction. Have stood the times of test. Solid construction. Purchase cost will be lesser than new apaprtments.

Cons: Since they are old, may require more money via strata to maintain them. May not have that posh new look.

These are newer types of units. They are usually high rise and 100’s in a complex.
They normally come with underground parking, swimming pool, common area, lifts, security access, cameras.
So in this case strata may also be high to maintain these amenities.

Pros: Newer look, brick veneer. Modern facilities like pool, gym. Better access security via cards. Posh high rise living. Generally closer to city.

Cons: Generally it has lift, pool, gym, hence will have more quarterly payment for strata.

Villas are single level dwellings. They are usually 5 to 10 in a complex and have common walls.
These are also strata titled. Very popular in suburbs which are closer to city.

Pros: Generally closer to city. Less strata as there are less common things to maintain.

Cons: Less per sq area, hence less spacious.

Townhouses are double storey dwellings. They are usually 5 to 10 in a complex and have common walls.
These are also strata titled. Very popular in suburbs which are closer to city.

Pros: Good Compromise between villa and a house. Cheaper than a house.

Cons: Still have to pay strata along with mortgage.

Free standing house
This house looks like a townhouse but may not have a common wall.
Usally an old house is demolished and depending upon frontage and council approval, two independent houses without common wall is constructed
out of it.

Pros: Newer construction, no strata

Cons: Lesser area than a house (usally they are around 300 sqm)

This is one house divided into 2.
They usually dont have strata and are torrens titled.
Only roof is common and common wall is there.
Builders usually buy an old house and construct two joined houses on it.
They are normally always double storey.

Pros: Good compromise between townhouse and house. Usally closer to city. No strata

Cons: Sometimes they are significantly higher in price. This is due to new construction and being closer to city needs more money to buy land and build.

Community titled
These are like normal houses but may form part of an estate.
They may have common road, bbq place, park to maintain.
For that, residents have to collect a community fee for maintenance of common items.

Pros: Have common facilities like parks, bbq place.

Cons: Extra money needs to be shelled out for things u may not use.

This is a house which is not street facing but is behind the main house.
It has a long driveway which goes from the side of main house to the house behind it.

Pros and Cons of Battleaxe

To get access to the site you will require at least 20m of driveway and perhaps a turning area. This will have a substantial costs. I would allow at least $500/m of driveway for a temporary gravel driveway during construction and concrete at completion.

You may save on this cost by going for a Small Strata Development with a common driveway, instead of a Battle Axe Block but:

Getting agreement from your neighbour to use the access for the construction can be difficult.
In my experience the best way to have good relations with neighbours is minimise causes for dispute. Sharing a driveway means that your parking options are limited.
Looking after the shared driveway is like some of the ‘Community Title’ issues (see this link: Community Title )
An advantage of that long driveway is if you put a gate with a childproof lock at the front it gives a safe area for toddlers to play.

Additional Service Costs
You will be need to bring in some if not all of the following service for an extra 20-30m.

Water, could be two services if you want recycled water.
Gas, if it is available.
Storm water drainage, can be a problem if inadequate fall and property drains to road.
Sewer, usually this is at the back of the block but check before you buy.

These are normal single storey or double storey houses

Pros and cons of house

Independent house. You can add value according to ur wish, like granny, knockdown rebuild.

Significantly higher in price as ur own land comes at a price

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