Checklist to do final inspection of the property before the settlement

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Checklist to do final inspection of the property before the settlement.

  1. Check that the keys are in order. Most of the people forget that the keys are the most important part of the handover. Check the window keys, main door key, key to shed, key to common property. You may also consider getting the entry door lock replaced after the handover. This is because you never know who all have the keys to your house.
  2. Remote control. Check that you will get the remote control to the garage.
  3. Remotes to the appliances for example AC remote, etc.
  4. Check that the appliances are working. This should be part of the building and pest inspection. Check that the appliances are in the working order. This includes oven, cook top, AC etc.
  5. Check that the hot water system is still working.
  6. Check that there is no breakage in terms of window glass breakage.
  7. Check that there is no rubbish on the site. In of the properties, I had the owner leaving old carpets in the garage which costed me money to remove it.
  8. Check that the garage door is still working.
  9. Check that the things attached to the house are still there. For example, you should always get the things that u wants after settlement added to the contract itself. So that the previous owner cannot take it with them. This may include projector, curtains, pool table etc, TV hang system.
  10. If you have a swimming pool, check that you still have it in working situation.
  11. Alarm systems check how to operate the alarm system, what are the passwords for it.
  12. Check if any regular maintenance guys come to the property, for example the previous owner may have good lawn mowing person etc, pool maintenance guy, pest guy etc and u may leverage on the existing relationship. It depends upon your personality whether you value relationships or not.
  13. Check if any blue tongue lizards are present in the garden.
  14. Check the termite protection, when was it last done or is there any regular termite protection medicine being put every year.
  15. Check whether any maintenance was done and try to get the invoices for it, for example warranties on any new appliances, etc etc.

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