Building A Granny Flat

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Ramesh and Suresh bump into each other at chatswood station in the evening and get into the new metro train line to the hills area.
Ramesh was glad that he met Suresh today as he wanted to share that he has decided to buy a house with granny flat potential on it.
To clarify, he is buying a house with some area in the backyard which he assumes can be utilised for building a granny flat in a years time so that
it generates additional income and Ramesh can manage the cashflow and pay off his mortgage faster.
He makes a suggestion that now he has become more intelligent and Suresh should not consider himself oversmart as Ramesh has figured things out.
He says next time he will buy Suresh 7/11 coffee.
Suresh says “Hold on!!! You have used the word assume in the above paragraph”.
He gives the following checklist to Ramesh to consider before buying a house which he assumes has a granny potential.

  • Ask the real estate agent to provide you section 149 certificate or pay and order it via the council website.
  • Take the front page of the contract, book an appointment with Relevant Council Town Planner (Provide the details of the property address &
    title ref etc at the time of booking appointment) the town plan will advise you whether you will be able to build granny or not,
    it is time consuming so do this only on the property that you are keen on buying.
  • Councils have setback requirements, which means that granny cannot be close to the existing house in front and you have to leave open space from the
    backyard to your back neighbour and the side neighbours.
  • Corner lots have there own restrictions and plus points as you may or may not get side access door permission.
  • Some suburbs have restrictions on granny flats and councils may charge additional penalty like 30k to build the granny.
  • The granny may be get approved by private CDC process but they may also adhere to council guidelines.
  • There may be restrictions on the fire door or fire wall access from the main dwelling to the granny.
  • There may be restriction that you cannot have kitchen in the granny.
  • Separate water and electricity meter may be allowed.
  • Fencing and privacy concerns may have to be adhered to.
  • You may need permission from your neighbours.
  • Dont assume that granny flat builders have time to come and look at each house that u are planning to buy. They have other work to do.

Ramesh says that he is just so lucky that he bumped into Suresh today.
There is fair bit of work to be done on this project and Thanks him and gets off at the Kellyville station.

Thanks to Mohish Mukhi for providing some of the material for this article.

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