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On friday morning, Ramesh meets Suresh at bella vista station and it is few minutes commute to north sydney station.
Ramesh does not have any property inspections planned as he is waiting for a proper pre-approval from bank via a mortgage broker.
Suresh tells Ramesh that he reads too many self improvement books and he would like to tell Ramesh the summary or some good points from these books.
Here is what Suresh tell Ramesh……..
1. Control your thoughts
You ultimately become what you think in your thoughts. It is very important to think positively and keep negativity away in your self talks.
You cannot achieve much in life by thinking negative. It is like you want to date a girl, but in your mind you think that you are not good looking and the girl will not go for coffee with you.
Your thoughts lead to your feeling and your feelings leads to actions and your actions leads to your results. So think positively and your brain will always be in a mode to find solutions to whatever problems that come your way.
2) Anything happen in your life, you are responsible
Take responsibility of your life. Whatever is happening in your life is the results of your past actions. If anything wrong happens by your actions, try to learn from your mistakes. Dont find someone to blame for your misdoings.
3) Hardwork
Successful people work hard than other people. Successful people are willing to work for free to learn new skills.
If you want to be successful than you should be prepared to pay the price of it. Negative people trade time for money. Committment and focus is required to become successful.
You have to plan and have a goal and have a burning desire to change your situation.
4) Problems are part of life
Understand that problems are indispensable part of life. Dealing with problems and finding innovative ways to overcome problems are a key to success.
Break the problem in small parts and start solving them in small chunks and you will see that you will slowly start moving towards solution and path will become clearer day by day.
5) Manage your money well
Successful people invest and generate multiple sources of income. They live below there means and understand the value of money.
Warren buffet never spends more than 4 dollars on breakfast. According to analystics, rich people use coupons while buying online more than poor people. Successful people build a network of professionals around them.
6) Leave the comfort zone
Nothing can be achieved by spending time in the comfort zone. As per the book “Outliers: The Story of Success”, high achievers always went outside there comfort zone to achive success.
So next time, you spend too much time on gossips and television, please keep this in mind that when you are wasting your time, someone else is training and enhancing his skills and when the two of you will meet in a competition, the other person will beat you.
7) Take action
All types of knowledge is of no use, if you don’t take any action.